How To Find Someone On Facebook By Photo

Facebook User Lookup: How To Find Someone On Facebook By Photo 2024

Do you have a picture of someone and want to know more about them? Maybe you want to know their name, date of birth, email address, where they work or if they are single.

Using the method described below, you may be able to find their Facebook profile, and if they've made the information you seek public, you'll find the answers you're looking for.

Facebook User Lookup: How To Find Someone On Facebook By Photo

Ways to find a person by their photo

The hard way: Find the number Facebook uses to identify the photo and try searching Facebook for it (see instructions below).

Easiest way: Use Google Images to find all the places that photo has been used online (see video and text tutorial below). Google Images will also find photos similar to the ones you've uploaded

Reverse Image Search: Use Tineye to search for a reverse image. (Upload or paste the photo URL.) Tineye will only return results for the same image.

Using a photo to find a person's profile on Facebook

The first step is to look at the file name of the image. In most web browsers, you can right-click the photo and select View Image or View Image.

Find the file name. It can end in .jpg or .png, and if it's from Facebook it will have "fb" somewhere at the beginning.

Do you see how the file has three sets of numbers separated by underscores (_) or periods? Find the middle number. For example, you might see a URL that looks like this:


Locate is the middle number. In the above example, I am calling the intermediate number "101484896592068". This number is the profile ID from the Facebook user profile. In this example, the number is 15 digits, but yours could be longer or shorter. It should not contain a decimal though.

Copy and paste the following into your web browser's address bar:

Finally, without a space, copy the profile ID number you received:

Go to the address, and see the Facebook user profile from the picture!

Using Google Images to find someone

Go to Google Images.

In the search bar on the left, you will see a small camera icon. When you touch it, a drop-down menu should say "Search by image." Click on that.

You should see two options: Paste image URL or Upload Please select one.

A If you have already downloaded and have the image on your computer, select "Upload" and then browse your computer to find the image. After you upload, Google will search all of its pages for a match.

b. If you are using an image found online, right-click the image. Several options will drop down: choose "Copy image location", then go back to Google Images and paste into the search bar.

Press "Search" and you'll see a list of all the pages where that photo appears Scroll down and see if any sites give you more information about that person.

How to find someone on Facebook by photo:

You can try below methods to find someone on Facebook by photo:

1. Use TinEye Lookup

You can use to find someone on Facebook by photo. This tool allows you to perform a reverse image search to identify similar images and their sources on the web.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: First, go to TinEye website:

Step 2: If you already have an account, click on Log In.

Step 3: Now, you can upload or enter the URL of the photo you want to search. will analyze the image and provide matching or similar results to your uploaded image.

Step 4: You will see the search results in the tool's dashboard, which will include the website where the photo appears, similar images and other relevant information.

View the results to find out if the person you're looking for has a match.

2. Use the DupliChecker tool

You can find someone by photo on Facebook using duplicate checker. This tool offers a reverse image search feature that helps you locate images similar to the one you have

Steps to follow:

Step 1: First open the website:

Step 2: Next, enter the photo you want to search by uploading or pasting its URL

Step 3: Now, click on the search button or start the image search process.

Step 4: Now, Duplichecker will analyze the image and match or provide similar results. These results may include websites where the photo appears and other related images.

Step 5: Here, you can review the search results displayed on the dashboard of the tool.

Find matches to see if the person you're looking for is associated with any photos.

3. Try Google Image Search

You should try using Google Images to find someone on Facebook by photo. Google Images lets you search for a reverse image and locate similar images across the web

Steps to follow:

Step 1: First go to Google Images website:

Step 2: Next, click on the camera icon located in the search bar to start a reverse image search.

Step 3: Now, you have two options. You can paste the URL of the image you want to search for or upload the image directly from your device

Step 4: Here, Google will process the image and display search results for visually similar images and websites where the photo appears. You can click on the results to explore further and find relevant information

4. Social Catfish Reverse Lookup

You can use to find someone on Facebook by photo. is a platform that specializes in searching images and finding people online

Steps to follow:

Step 1: First, visit the website (

Step 2: Then, enter the photo you want to search by uploading or pasting its URL

Step 3: Next, start searching and allow the platform to process the image.

Step 4: Now, will provide you search results that include any information related to the photo such as social media profiles, websites and other online accounts linked to the photo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I search for a person by photo?

You can search for a person by photo using various online tools and search engines. These tools allow you to do a reverse image search, which helps you find similar images or locate where the photo appears on the web.

2. Is there an app that can identify a person in a photo?

Yes, there are apps that can help identify a person in a photo. Facial recognition technology has improved significantly, and there are applications that use this technology to analyze and match faces in images. These apps can be useful for identifying people in photos with platforms like Facebook.

3. How to find someone on Facebook?

To find someone on Facebook, you can use different methods. A simple way is to use the search bar at the top of Facebook's homepage and enter the person's name. If they have a public profile and haven't restricted their privacy settings, you'll be able to find them in search results. If you have that information you can try searching for them using their email address or phone number.

4. How do I find a photo on Facebook?

If you want to find a specific photo on Facebook, you can use the platform's search feature. Enter relevant keywords or the name of the person associated with the image in the search bar. Then, click the "Photos" tab in the search results to filter the results and find photos related to your search You are location, date.

How to find someone on Facebook using a picture?

Find someone on Facebook using a photo 2

Go to the Google Images page from your browser

Find the picture on your device whose Facebook profile you want to find

Drag and drop the image into the search bar of the Google Images page

Google will start searching for it

The resulting page will contain all the profiles using the images and the websites they are on

You may find the same picture on different profiles or websites because sometimes people have multiple accounts but the same picture. At other times fake accounts are created without the permission of the said person.

Locate the original profile and contact the profile owner if you wish to do so

Using photo ID

If the photo you're viewing was originally downloaded from Facebook, the following method will work:

Find the file name of the image

Image name will have 'fb'

There will be three sets of numbers, each separated by a period. Identify the middle set, which will be underlined

This number set is the Facebook profile ID of the user

Type the URL; Profile ID Number)

Press enter and the FB profile of the photo owner will open

Based on FB user's privacy settings, this method comes with certain limitations. But you can still try it.

Using reverse image search

Go to

Click on the camera icon next to the search bar

Upload the correct image from your gallery

Press enter and you will be shown the results that match the image

Find someone on Facebook using a photo 1

To get custom results, change the keyword to site: It will show only photos taken from Facebook making profile ID search easier.

Using the TinEye method

This is similar to Google's reverse image search.

Visit the TinEye website

Copy the image URL and paste it into TinEye's search box or upload the image from your gallery to the website

Press Enter

You will be given links to all websites and profiles using the image

Bing uses reverse image search

Open the Bing search engine and click on IMAGES

Click on the camera icon and upload the picture

Press Enter

All information related to the image will be provided to you

You can paste the image URL to search

If you click on the visual search option and get reverse search help for any part of the uploaded image

Using the mobile app

Look for mobile apps in the Play Store or App Store that offer reverse image search. Download whatever looks good enough to get the job done. Upload images and scan sources across various search engines. You will find similar image results online.

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